The Royal Mash Story

From the island of Jersey comes a new Crown Jewel. Royal Mash Vintage Vodka, characterized by the exclusive Jersey Royal potatoes from which it is made. Royal Mash is a 40% ABV ultra-premium vintage vodka. It is produced from the world’s finest potatoes and hand-crafted in bespoke 200 litre copper stills.

Rachel says “We set out to make the best vodka imaginable. We live on the beautiful island of Jersey which produces the only potatoes we know of to boast the equivalent of an ‘appellation d’origine contrôlée’.” The combination of these finest of ingredients, brand owners with exquisite taste, an expert Master Distiller, and a distillation process that creates the purest spirit, has resulted in a superior and memorable vodka.

“When blind-tasted against well-established brands, ours is in a league of its own.”

Each batch of Royal Mash is individually taste tested, approved, and signed off. The terroir and the quality of the fine potatoes ensuring that each vintage will be of a superb quality.