The Distillation Process


Phase 1

Royal Mash is made from Jersey Royal potatoes .

After harvesting, the Jersey Royals are washed and secured in 1 tonne bags ready for the Master Distiller to work his magic

Cooking The Mash

Phase 2

The Jersey Royals are cooked to a mash: treated with enzymes; yeast is added and it is left to ferment for 5 days.

This mash is combined with sugar wash and put into bespoke 200 litre copper stills. The process of distillation takes between 12-14 hours. The vodka is brought to 96% ABV using a 3.9 metre rectifying column.  This part of the process takes between 10 – 12 hours.

heads & Tails

Phase 3

The shape of the bespoke stills enable the Master distiller to accurately remove the right amount of the distillate known as the “heads” to discard any impurities.

The next part is known as the “heart”, the part to keep and bottle.

The final 10% of the distillation known as the “tails” is discarded because if left, it would give the resulting drink a very bitter taste.


Phase 4

The distillate is diluted using reverse osmosis water to arrive at the 40% ABV required and the final taste test takes place.

The fabulous Royal Mash Vintage Vodka is then bottled, labelled and ready to be savoured by anyone who enjoys fine vodka.